Learn to Improve Your Pets Quality of Life Through Dental Hygiene

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Here at Becky’s Pet Care we are all about quality of life for you and your pets. Studies show that by Age 3, 80% of Dogs and 70% of Cats have some form of dental disease. We care about  them for checkups; we ensure their shots are up to date; we care about the food they eat. We tend to overlook the fact that they have teeth and like us humans they need to be care for! Don’t let your pets suffer because of something you could prevent. They can’t talk but they can feel. 
Becky’s Pet Care will be holding classes on best practices for your pet’s dental hygiene with information on techniques for preventative care and early warning signs of disease. Get the knowledge and tools you need to prevent your beloved pets from being in pain. We all want our pets to smile, give them a good reason to do so by getting educated as soon as possible.
Get a free toothbrush Kit when you register for our PetPREP Dental Care Class by using Promo Code: TOOTHBRUSH 
Register Now for Upcoming Classes on January 26th or February 20th

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