June 2016 is National Pet Preparedness Month

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June 2016 is National Pet Preparedness Month
Prepared Pet Parents Save Lives

Easy to Publish Emergency Preparedness Top 10 List Included!

Building a comprehensive emergency Plan, including your pets, helps save pets lives and allows pet parents to act quickly in an emergency situation.

(Fairfax, VA) – As June’s National Pet Preparedness Month nears, ensure pets are included in emergency preparedness plans for you and your family. Two-thirds (67%) of pet-owning households would refuse to evacuate if they could not take their pets with them (American Kennel Club survey). Being prepared for all types of emergencies is critical, from hunkering down at home, called shelter-in-place (SIP) and taking care of pets without being able to go outside or having to evacuate. The following are some tips to help prepare pet families in case of emergencies or disasters.

Pet Emergency Plan

Natural & man-made disasters come in different forms including home fires, tornados, hurricanes, floods, chemical spills and more; most without much warning. These incidents occur in the Washington Metro area. Three basic steps can save your life and the life of your pet. 1. Plan. 2. Prepare. 3. Practice! Don’t put off getting started, your life and your pets life could depend on it!

  1. Plan: The two important elements of your emergency response plan checklist are to:
    • Move your pets safely. Determine how you can safely evacuate all your pets in a controlled manner.
    • Find emergency shelter. Know in advance where you are going to house your pets temporarily.

    A well-designed emergency response plan checklist will guide you through gathering the information and supplies you’ll need to evacuate quickly and safely. Start with window alert stickers displaying “Animal(s) Inside” to let emergency personnel know there are animals in the home that need to be rescued.

    Form agreements with neighbors to help each other in case you can’t get home to take care of the pet. Designate someone to evacuate your pet if you aren’t home at the time of an emergency. Make a list of pet friendly hotels. Not all pet friendly hotels will take cats, large dogs, or other animals, so call to check before adding them to your list. Know which evacuation shelters allow pets and what is required for entry, such as a shot record.

  2. Prepare: Put together an Pet Preparedness emergency kit with all of the following:a. Pet First-aid Kit
    b. Emergency phone numbers for your vet and local animal shelters
    c. List of pet-friendly shelters and lodging
    d. Pet ownership papers and a picture of you with your pet to prove ownership
    e. Pet medical records including shots and microchip information
    f. Food, treats, water, medicine, and litter bags for animal waste to last 5 days.
    g. Pet collar with ID tags and 6 foot flat leash.
    h. Pet Carrier
    i. Pet Bowls
    j. Small, quiet, toy or towelShelters require you to provide your pet’s needs and take care of your pet. Most situations require you must stay at that shelter where your pet is sheltered.
  3. Practice: If you have a neighbor designated to care for your pet in an emergency, make sure your neighbor practices walking your dog or caring for your other pet. Be sure they know where the leash, carrier and emergency supplies are located. Set a reminder to annually check and rotate supplies, verify that all information is still accurate including pet friendly hotels and shelters.

Taking these simple, essential steps can be the key to a safe evacuation. In times of high stress, having a practiced plan is the key to reducing the chaos and increasing the odds for your entire family to stay together safely and avoid disaster.

Learn More, Attend a Class.

Many local resources provide classes and seminars on emergency preparation. One such resource is Becky’s Pet Care Pet Prep Division with classes coming up on June 1, Sept .13, Sept. 24 and Oct 24.

For information on Pet Emergency Preparedness and Pet First Aid classes, visit www.BeckysPetCare.com.


About Becky’s Pet Care, Inc:

Becky’s Pet Care has been providing Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services in Northern Virginia since 1998 and has grown to be one of the largest pet care companies in the area, employing over 140 Pet Care Professionals. Winner of Business of the Year by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, six-time winner of Angie’s List Super Service Award and voted “Best Of” by the Washingtonian and Northern Virginia Magazines, our Pet Care Professionals are trained employees of Becky’s Pet Care and true animal lovers who provide professional, loving care to your pet. Becky’s Pet Care hosts pet education classes under their PetPrep division, teaching pet parents and Pet Care Professionals emergency prevention and preparedness skills and knowledge. For more information visit www.BeckysPetCare.com or call 703.822.0933.

National Pet Preparedness Month, created by the American Humane Association and Red Star Animal Emergency Services™, is designed to encourage pet owners to prepare for disasters including pet first aid kits and safety tips. http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/programs/emergency-services/pet-preparedness-month.html

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