Help Northern Virginia Dogs Beat the Back to School Blues

Well, it’s that time again – School is back in session in Northern Virginia! Over the summer you probably spent a lot of time playing withsmart dog your pooch: Running around outside, relaxing in the sun, enjoying BBQ’s and doing yard work. He was a part of it all. Well, now that the kids are going back to school and your schedule is more rigid – full of activities that sometimes your pooch might not be permitted to attend, like indoor parties and events on school grounds –  your pooch will miss you and the action! It is not uncommon for your pet to feel sad. After all they thrive on stimulation and with the house quiet they are forced to entertain themselves! You can hire a dog walker to give your pooch some extra attention during the day and you can also heed some of these great tips to help ease your pet through the transition.  Here are some fun ways to include Fido in your new daily routine and help him to adjust to a new schedule:   

·         Give your pet a new toy that will keep him occupied for some time when you leave: Kongs are great.

·         Go for a dog walk when the kids get home from school.  Just 10-15 minutes of fresh air will refresh everyone!

·         Incorporate your pet into the daily chore list and make one of the items on each child’s list dog-related, such as brushing, a game of fetch or to feed and walk him.

·         Have your dog by your side while you complete homework with your kids!

So when those sad eyes look at you, take a little time to think about it and you can find many ways to make your pet feel included in the new daily routine.

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