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It’s Fun Friday!

The big “watercooler talk” this week has been about the new Dr. Fish Pedicure. It was the topic of our blog entries for Wednesday and Thursday (oh, and it was also featured on Good Mornig America). Not to be outdone by Diane Sawyer, BPC sent 2 of its employees to try the Dr. Fish Pedicure and report back to us.

Jen and Susan from our Woodbridge office went to Yvonne’s Hair & Nails in Dale City to have a Dr. Fish pedicure.

Jen reports, “First they wash off your feet and then escort you to a comfy benchwhere you sit and put your feet into a tank of Gara Ruffa fish. Each person has a separate section of the tank. So while you are sitting together on the bench, your feet are in their own little area. The water was very clean and is changed after each client.”

“It tickled at first but after  about 30 seconds you got used to it and it felt really good. Very relaxing. It was interesting to watch the fish,”  commented Susan.  Jen likened the initial feeling of the fish nibbles to “kinda like when your foot is falling asleep right before the pins and needles feeling”.

After 15 minutes, our intrepid reporters were moved back to the regular pedicure chairs to finish their pedicures. “At first I did not think those little fish had done anything, but once I put my feet in the warm water for the rest of the treatment, I could feel the little stings of where the dead skin was removed and the new, healthy skin was exposed. I was surprised at how much those little guys did!” remarked Susan.

“While we were in the chairs getting finished, we got to see them scoop out the fish and drain the water, clean and refill the tank in preparation for the next person. it is comforting to know that it is fresh water each time”, remarked Jen.

Susan could not believe how soft and smooth her feet were after the treatment. Even her husband noticed!

Would Jen and Susan do this again? They already made the next appointments!

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