Fancy Cats Rescue Needs Your Help

So sad that this lovely pair is losing their parents, home, everything at this time of year, too! Assisted living facilities should allow people to bring their pets! But they worry that the responsibility will fall to them to care for the pets. These two kitties need to find a new home. The couple that owned them have been put into an assisted living and can’t keep the cats. Kitties could probably be separated if need be. They are living in the home now by themselves with the daughter going over to feed them and care for them, but as she has 4 big dogs, she can’t take them into her home. Female, solid white, 5 years old. Fixed. Male, orange tabby, 7 years old. Fixed. Both healthy, no bad habits. Pass this on to anyone you know that might be able to help these two and avoid the shelter. Please spread the word! Click here for more information.

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