Carpool to the Polls!

It’s Green Tuesday!

Today is election day, and the popular social website Facebook is offering people and environmentally friendly way to vote.

If you do not currently have a Facebook account, you can create one by logging on to (it is completely free). Once you have logged on to facebook, go to this link to arrange a carpoool to the polls! This carpool tool from ZimRide  “will help you find your polling station and connect you with a ride on November 4. Or you can offer someone else a ride to vote.” (from

Actually, this service is available year round to coordinate carpools to and from work, school or to share a road trip.

“This is one of the biggest elections in recent memory, so getting out and voting is crucial. Don’t let lack of transportation stop you or others from participating. And if environmental issues are important in how you vote, show how much you care by carpooling on election day.” (from

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