April is “National Pet First-Aid Month”

Each April, pet owners are reminded that it is crucial that they know what to do if their pets are ever injured or need of emergency medical care.  Pets are an important part of our lives, and we need to be able to assist them in an emergency.  Just like humans there are some simple things we must have in our first aid kit for them, and knowing what to do can mean the difference between life and death.

Buy or make yourself first aid kit, tape a card with the phone numbers of your veterinarian, the after-hours emergency clinic (and driving directions), and the ASPCA animal poison control center (888-426-4435).Then add these items to the first aid kit or store them nearby:

•Pet carrier and harness/leash

•Air muzzle (for cats and small flat-faced dogs) and dog muzzle

•Flashlight or penlight

•Sterile saline solution to flush eyes and wounds; artificial tear gel to lubricate eyes (both available from the pharmacy or your veterinarian)

•Antiseptic wipes and over-the-counter antibiotic ointment

•Gauze pads, self-cling bandage, adhesive tape and scissors

•Hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) and oral dosing syringe to be used if your veterinarian recommends you induce vomiting

•Tweezers or forceps; tick remover

•Nail trimmer and styptic powder

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