Animals Make a Great Prescription!


(photo courtesy of United Way)

Fairfax Pets on Wheels connect pets with people who are living in nursing homes or assisted living centers. It is a wonderful volunteer organization that “will donate more than 8,000 hours annually. ” If  you are interested in volunteering your time or your pet go to: 

 “A frail, elderly man was brought to the nursing home from the local hospital. He had been discovered in a severely malnourished and confused state in a rural farmhouse, living alone in filth. Once his condition stabilized, he was brought in restraints to the nursing home, since he refused to eat…but…each day, he worked to free himself from the restraints and remove the feeding tube. The staff…found the Center’s three kittens in bed with him. When the cats were removed, he became agitated. A reward system was devised whereby the cats would be returned to him if he ate. He gained forty pounds, and interacted with other residents. The cats were the bridge that brought him back to reality. The director of nursing stated that, otherwise, she believes he would have died. ”
“Between Pets and People” (Alan Beck, Sc.D. and Aaron Katcher, M.D., G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York)

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