A Green Super Bowl

It’s Green Tip Tuesday!

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, many of us are planning Super Bowl parties. Whether you will be sporting black and gold or red and white on Sunday, make sure your festivities are green.

A good tip is to ditch the disposables! Forget about using paper plates, plastic cups and utensils. use what you already have. Sure it involves more clean up later, but you have kept all of that stuff out of our landfills!

Chicken and beer prices are up! How to cope? Skip the big name national brand beers. Go with locally brewed beer (which also leaves a smaller carbon footprint as it has not been shipped far). Worried about a wing shortage? For a kickin’ Veggie Chili recipe, along with more tips on keeping your Super Bowl bash green, go to http://green.yahoo.com/blog/greenpicks/230/plan-a-green-super-bowl-bash-that-s-a-steal.html

And most of all, enjoy the game!

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