VA Reptile Rescue, Inc.

It’s Rescue Monday!

This week’s rescue group is  Virginia Reptile Rescue, Inc., which is actually based in the Richmond area, but also serve Northern VA.

VA Reptile Rescue Inc’s Mission Statement:

-Act as a rescue organization for reptiles and amphibians that have been injured, neglected, mistreated or are otherwise unwanted. This entails:

a) providing temporary homes for reptiles and amphibians in need, and 

b) finding appropriate new homes for those reptiles and amphibians

-Educate the public about reptiles and amphibians.

-Promote awareness of proper husbandry and maintenance practices for reptiles and amphibians.

-Promote environmental conservation, especially related to herpetological concerns

-Promote captive breeding as the best source of pet-trade reptiles and amphibians, while recognizing that certain species must be obtained from the wild in order to maintain genetically sound captive breeding programs

-Protect the rights and represent the interests of individuals to maintain, breed, and sell reptiles and amphibians in a responsible manner.

-Provide assistance to authorities in public safety and community leaders with regards to questions about reptile and amphibian ownership and identification of unknown animals (from

If you are interested in finding out information about how to adopt a snake, iguana, turtle or other reptile, or need help with an injured reptile or need a reptile removed, please visit their website at 

Reptiles Need Love Too!!!

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