What a Crock!

It’s Green Tuesday!

Did you know that you can save energy just by using your crock pot? Well, it’s true!

Crock pots (or slow cookers) save a lot of energy over other cooking methods such as traditional ovens, stove tops, and toaster ovens. Crock pots use only 100 watts of electricity. If you use your crock pot once a week, it will only have cost you $0.20 in electricity! That’s right-only 20 cents to run a slow cooker 4 times a month!

A crock pot will not only save energy but it can also help you to save time money. By using a crock pot, you can buy a less expensive albeit tougher piece of meat and allow your slow cooker to transform into a fall off the bone” portion. Also, crock pot meals tent to require very little prep time- usually just cutting up some veggies. Then the crock pot does all the work and you come home to a delicious meal that also saved you money and energy!

For some incredible crock pot recipes, go to http://green.yahoo.com/blog/the_conscious_consumer/48/breathe-easier-use-household-plants-to-help-clear-the-air.html  where you will find over 1,000 recipes just for the crock pot!

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