“Ways to Go Green”


One common misconception about going green is that it is actually more expensive to do so. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Here are five easy ways to go green with your pet and to save money while doing it!

1. Prepare Eco-Friendly Treats, Meals

To ensure your pet is eating healthy and to protect the environment, use organic foods with homemade meal recipes.

2. Craft Your Own Pet Toys

Instead of going out and buying new toys for your pet, why not get in touch with your creative side and craft your own? Using recyclable household materials such as old tennis balls, rope and socks, you can create a myriad of toys for your pets that can keep then entertained for hours.

3. Make Your Own Dog Shampoo

There is no need to spend a fortune on shampoo for your dog when you can make your own! Using everyday products lying around the house you can easily whip up an inexpensive and eco-friendly doggie shampoo.

4. Grow Your Own Catnip

Your cat will love you for growing your own catnip! Just like humans, our pets deserve to eat the most natural, organic, and healthy foods. A green and low cost alternative to buying catnip, by growing your own your cat will be spared from pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals or additives. Learn how to grow your own catnip in this article from Doctors Foster and Smith.

5. Adopt

Looking to add another pet to the family? Then adoption is the way to go! Not only is rescuing a pet from life in a shelter a great cause, it is also a great way to help the environment. Adoption is in essence recycling a pet that was at one time unwanted and will now be given a home. An inexpensive way to become a bet owner, adoption is a great way to go green while saving green.

Source: Petside.com, by Amanda Kelly

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