Travel Tips for Pet Owners

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It’s hard to believe the Labor Day weekend is upon us already.  As the last official summer holiday, many of us plan to hit the road for a fun-in-the-sun adventure with family and friends. In many cases, this includes bringing our pets.  Since our furry friends are beloved members of our family, it’s natural to want them to share in the vacation fun!  However, many pets aren’t as excited about partaking in the vacation festivities as you might think.  Before heading out of town this weekend, read our tips for customizing the best travel plans for both you and your pets.

Bringing Fido Along

Once you’ve decided that bringing your pet on vacation is the best idea, schedule a wellness exam with your veterinarian.  Your veterinarian can confirm your pet is healthy for travel, ensure all neccessary vaccinations are up-to-date and issue a health certificate.  Health certificates and proof of rabies vaccination are required when traveling across state lines (something that many of us will most likely do if traveling out of and around the DMV).  If you pet gets sick during travel, your veterinarian can also prescribe anti-nausea mediation for the car ride.

In the event your pet becomes ill or injured on the trip, be prepared with a list of veterinary hospitals and 24-hour emergency facilities along the way and at your destination.  Once you’ve gotten your pet up-to-date at the vet, pack the following items (ideally, organized together in a bag):

Pet Dog Travel Packing List

Buckle Up!

When traveling by car, it is important that everyone is happy and comfortable.  Small dogs should be in a clean, well-ventilated carrier, and larger dogs should be restrained by pet barriers or harnesses. Without the proper restraint, pets can be a big distraction for the driver and risk injury or death to themselves in the event of an accident.

Plan for Potty Breaks

Once your trip is underway, be prepared for frequent stops, once every 2-3 hours.  During this time, pets can get a drink of water and a little exercise (It’s good for all of us to stretch our legs every few hours or so!).  Interstate rest areas are the best places to stop as they offer pet walking areas.  During stops, remember to keep your pet properly restrained on a short leash, away from other people, animals, busy parking lots, and thoroughfares.

Be mindful of the outside air temperatures when leaving your pet in the car for food and shopping trips.  The temperature inside vehicles rises at a much quicker rate than the outside air temps – just a few minutes in a hot car can be deadly to both people and pets!  If possible, stop at pet-friendly establishments or restaurants with outdoor seating.

Pet Dog Travel Tips


Leaving Fido At Home

While it may be hard to leave your pet behind, many pets would be happier and less stressed if they stayed at home with a pet sitter.  Our friends at Becky’s Pet Care specializes in personalized and customized at-home pet sitting services.

Leaving your pet at home in the care of a sitter has many benefits.  For your pet, staying at home means they get to feel safe in a familiar and comfortable environment, surrounded by their usual sights, smells, and sounds.  For you, you get the peace of mind that your pet is in caring, loving hands without their schedule or demands being disrupted.

For example, the experienced professionals at Becky’s Pet Care schedule visits in time frames set by you, allowing your pet to maintain their regular diet and exercise routines and enjoy anticipated play times in their own environment. During the alloted time, they will take care of whatever is needed to serve your pet.  This includes walking, feeding, changing water, cleaning up, and administering medications.  What’s more, you can relax while you’re enjoying your vacation, knowing someone is checking in on your house several times a day.

Pet sitters are great for most pets, but especially those that are more timid, anxious, elderly, or have specific health needs.

Dog with Pet Sitter


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