Top DC Metro Areas to Take Your Dog on a Hike


Summer is almost here and the kiddos will be out of school soon. What better way to spend some time than exploringwhite-house-451544_640 the area and getting some exercise with your furry friend!  Maybe it will wear the kids and dogs out…..

Washington D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area is full of fun spots to take your dog for a walk.  Whether you are walking for convenience or scenery, Washington D.C. has the perfect spot for you to take your dog for a stroll. No time to enjoy the beautiful scenery living the fast-paced city life? These are great spots for a dog walker to enjoy as well.  Are you hoping to get in touch with nature during your Washington D.C. dog walk? Then you will definitely want to check out Rock Creek Park and its more than 15 miles of running trails. The best territory is mostly north of the National Zoo. One of the top spots for dogs is the meadow at Glover Park (39th Street and W Street NW). It’s a beautiful and serene spot to walk with your pup. For man-made scenery, try the Mall. It’s not just for tourists! Many locals use this spot as a place to run, and as long as your pup is on a leash he should be fine almost anywhere.  Just don’t try to bring Fido inside the Washington Monument or under the domes of the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. This 2 mile stretch is the perfect spot for you and your pet to get moving while surrounded by the stunning monuments of Washington D.C. If you are a local D.C. resident, have your dog walker keep the Mall in mind when performing midday or pet sitting duties.

Not located within Washington D.C. city limits? Try some of the other beautiful areas in the metropolitan area. Walk your dog through nearby Old Town Alexandria and board the Canine Cruise at the Alexandria City Marina (3 Cameron St.). It sometimes sells out, so make sure you book early. Dogs get a free ride! The captain brings his dogs aboard so your furry friends will have a partner at sea! There are blocks of beautiful mid-century houses, lined with flowering trees and stunning garden displays. Walk along King Street for the best of Old Town, and be sure to check out the Old Towne School for Dogs for high end dog treats and toys.

The Mount Vernon Trail is a multi-use trail that’s a great place to walk Fido in Alexandria! While it is a popular trail, and you will want to be aware of the foot and bike traffic coming in and out of Washington D.C., it is still a gorgeous and convenient spot for a dog walk. Try going in the early morning on the weekends, or just before dusk.

Are you looking for a place that will allow your dog to frolic off leash? Try the Shirlington Dog Park in Arlington, VA. You can take your dog for a swim or let him run free in the open spaces set aside for the park. Many of the restaurants in Shirlington allow dogs in their outdoor seating, so cool off with a drink or snack while you pup rests at your knees.

No matter what part of Washington D.C. you live or visit there is a perfect, scenic and convenient place to take your dog on an invigorating stroll.


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