Top 5 Training Tips for Your Dog


You’ll be amazed how much easier life can get for you and your dog once you’ve taught them a few simple commands. Here are 5 simple training tips to get you started:swiss-shepherd-dog-354526_640

  1. Listen to your dog: If he acts tired and  looks uncomfortable understand that he may need some time or he may need to rest and give the training another try the next day.
  2. Use Treats: Treats are rewards and what pooch wouldn’t want a special treat! Your dog will do whatever it takes to get that yummy treat!
  3. Tell him and show him what you want him to do: Use specific training words so he gets used to hearing them and understanding them. Show them with your hands and body.
  4. Be consistent: Consistency is the key to success!
  5. Play: Playing with your dog always encourages your dog to interact with you and want to please you.


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