Tips for Choosing a Pet Sitting Service

Summer is here! That means one wonderful thing for Alexandria, VA. families. V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N! Whether you plan a getaway to the beach, lake, or mountains, you want to make sure that your pets are well cared for while you are enjoying your well-deserved R & R.
A pet sitter is becoming the preferred pet care solution of Alexandria dog owners. When you decide to hire a pet sitter, make sure you go with a professional! There are many great local companies offering a variety of pet sitting services. If you plan ahead and do your research, you are sure to find the perfect company for you and your dog.
When choosing you’re pet sitting service, first decide what type of service would be the best fit for your needs. Local companies provide many different service types. Different service types available include:
• Daily doggy walks
• Vacation care
• Overnight services
• Bed and biscuit
You can find a professional pet sitting services provider from any of the local or national pet sitting organizations in the Alexandria, VA area. On line searches make it easy to find them!
Hiring a pet sitter is an important decision. You should look for a company that you can build a long term relationship with. It is important to properly screen a company before you hire. Interview several companies and select the one that you like the best. When you interview companies, make sure you ask good questions and get answers that make you feel comfortable. Some questions that you want to make sure you ask include:
• Is the company bonded and insured?
• Do they have regular office hours?
• Do they have an emergency plan and back up staff?
• Can they provide references?
• Do they do a home visit prior to service beginning?
To make your travel even easier, your pet sitting services provider should be able to include these helpful services: Home care services, watering plants, alternating lights, opening blinds and drapes, bringing in the mail and newspaper and taking out garbage.
Choosing a professional pet sitting services provider offers an array of benefits for both you and your dog. Some benefits for your dog include:
• Staying at home in a safe, secure, and familiar environment
• Maintaining the normal routine including diet and exercise
• Having a dog walker who enjoys playing with your dog and providing lots of personalized TLC
• Having someone responsible in charge in case of an emergency
And benefits for you include:
• The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands
• Having the confidence that the pet sitter can deal with many different issues that may arise
• Not having to impose on family, friends, or neighbors
• Knowing that your pets are happier at home
• Coming home to your loving pets waiting for you!
Once you experience having a professional pet sitting services provider in your home, you’ll never want to be without it!

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