The Gift of the Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays to all our friends at Becky’s Pet Care. The year went by fast for most of us. There have been so many changes in so many aspects of our lives. We have rejoiced with you when we heard of a new furbaby that would be an additional family member. We have cried with you when one of our furbabies crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. There are so many things to give thanks for, reflect on, and plan for. It is the perfect time to give a gift or a sentiment to those we love, get back in touch with those we lost contact with along the way, and just reconnect with all the things we used to do or love. For our furbabies, there are many ways we can gift them as well. Why do we want to give gifts to those we love or our furbabies? Well, simply it makes us feel good and makes their day brighter as well. Here are some simple, stress free solutions for gift giving that may make your companion’s day brighter or at least give you something to chuckle about.

  1. Food! In the form of treats or something homemade. Here is a site we found with some fun recipes:
  2. A new toy to play with. You can buy these or make one yourself with the family.
  3. How about a festive costume for the season? Dressing up our pets (as long as they like it) is good for socializing for handling purposes. The site Chewy offers deliveries on all sorts of pet needs for both cats and dogs. And they have costumes for all seasons.

Last but not least, how about the gift of friendship? Friends help us through all the hard times. They share our joys and all aspects of our life. There are many rescues and shelters that offer a festive promotion during the holidays.

You can also check your social media feed, local rescue and shelter websites, or email your local shelters for any upcoming events throughout the year for what they may have.

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