What Our Clients Say

  • We received an immediate response to our inquiry into your service offerings. Molly was very attentive and extremely helpful, professional and polite! The on boarding process was very efficient. David G. came out for the Registration Visit and was so professional. Our dogs took to him right away!  He put ...

    Wendy F. , Centreville
  • We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your service. During the Registration Visit, Helene provided a lot of info and answered all of our questions. Since we have eight cats, it’s very difficult for us to go away together and leave them. We want to ...

    Laura W , Reston
  • The whole on boarding process was easy and thorough. I knew I was working with “pet people” right away. Alice was wonderful. She went above and beyond! We will be requesting her services again. Our first time using a pet sitter! Great!  

    Joan K.
  • Registering with Becky’s Pet Care was easy; everyone was professional and thorough. Michael, my pet sitter, was extremely detail oriented. This helped put my mind at ease since this was our first time a non-family member would be caring for my cats. Mike called us on the second visit just ...

    Debra C. , Alexandria
  • "Hi, I just wanted to let you know how blown away I am with your company and your customer service. I head up customer service for a Federal agency so I always recognize and call out truly outstanding customer service when I see it. My experience with your company and ...

    Kristina N.
  • “My pet was very happy with the care he received from Becky’s Pet Care.”

    Patti H. , Woodbridge
  • “I think you are great and so do my cats!”

    Colleen B. , Springfield
  • “We had never used a pet sitting service before, but we will always use Becky’s Pet Care in the future.”

    Gary S. , Fairfax
  • “Becky’s Pet Care services are excellent! Always reliable and responsible.”

    Barbara N. , Reston
  • "We've been with Becky's Pet Care since 2012, and we LOVE everyone who has taken care of our "furries".  Rachel was the first vacation sitter, and our four cats nearly trip over each other to get to her when she comes over!  She took so much time with each of ...

    Dawn L. , Dumfries
  • "Becky's Pet Care is a top-notch business.  I have been using Becky's for over 20 years...when Becky herself walked our dogs!  They assign a pet sitter based on your location.  This is nice because you always have the same person and they get to know your pets and your preferences.  ...

    Barbara S.
  • "I've been using Becky's Pet Care for several years now for my cat.  I love that they have online booking and have never once had a problem with scheduling.  I usually have the same sitter but sometimes they switch it up.  My cat is incredibly well taken care of, fed, ...

    Gracie S. , Alexandria
  • "The service was performed perfectly, their sitter did a great job with the dogs and helped the make the week plus an experience that was easy and smooth.  I especially liked daily reports that were provided.  Would recommend them again to anyone...it was great!"

    Robert R. , Oakton
  • “We are extremely pleased with the service we received from Becky’s Pet Care.”

    Kim C. , Lorton
  • “Services were absolutely wonderful! The pet sitter went above and beyond in caring for our cats.”

    Margaret S. , Arlington
  • “We are all very happy with your services.”

    Bill G. , Burke
  • “I especially appreciate the daily notes from our pet sitter. There was not a day that went by that I did not know exactly what happened while I was away."

    Sandy J. , McLean
  • "I have used Becky's Pet Care twice now, and have been very pleased. My cat's sitter (the fantastic Becky S.) is responsible and compassionate - she rescues animals in addition to caring for them - and my shy little kitty really likes her. They especially went above and beyond this ...

    Sarah S. , Falls Church
  • "Becky's Pet Care was a perrrrfect fit for my needs. I went on holiday for 18 days. I met my personal pet care provider a week before I left, gave her a key and she sent me IM's while I was away! While I missed my fur-babies terribly, I knew ...

    Kimberly P. , Fairfax
  • "Becky's was great! I told them what I was looking for and they did exactly what was asked. I provided two keys to my door and one didn't work and my sitter called me where I was and told me of the problem. I thought I would have to cancel ...

    Kathy W. , Oakton
  • "I can't say enough good things about Becky's Pet Care. I've used their daily express dog walk service for almost a year. Our regular dog walker is Robbie and he is great. A couple of times I was unexpectedly home and forgot to cancel the mid-day dog walk. My dog ...

    Jennifer W. , Arlington

  • "Hi, I just wanted to let you know how blown away I am with your company and your customer service. I head up customer service for a Federal agency so I always recognize and call out truly outstanding customer service when I see it. My experience with your company and ...

    Kristina N.
  • “I was so worried about leaving my pets alone, but the house and my pets were great when we returned. I am so happy to know we can leave and not worry.”

    Sara R. , Alexandria
  • “You give us great peace of mind and the pup’s great exercise.”

    Ashley J. , Mt. Vernon
  • “Thanks again for taking such good care of our pets on an extended basis without notice.”

    Rebecca B. , Chantilly
  • “Thank you Becky’s Pet Care, this was the easiest trip away from home. I didn’t have to worry about the house or our pets.”

    Dawn H. , Arlington
  • “Many thanks for your love and care of our four legged friends. We know that they received lots of love because they are always so happy to see their friends from Becky’s Pet Care. It takes loads of worry off our minds knowing you're looking after them.”

    Karen M. , Alexandria
  • “Becky’s Pet Care pet sitters are so kind, patient, and responsible. We are very blessed to have found you.”

    Laurie T. , Springfield
  • “On short notice Becky’s Pet Care is there.”

    Rebecca L. , Reston
  • “Thanks for the great care we received during hurricane Isabel. My worries were put to rest knowing the Becky’s Pet Care team would be checking in on our pets while I was away. You not only provide great pet care but great people care as well.”

    Colleen H. , Alexandria
  • “I’ve only had your service for two days, but so far so great and I had to write to tell you. I picked up the Pet Lovers Companion last week and called eight to ten companies and you were the only live person I was able to speak to. The ...

    Kimber D. , Woodbridge
  • “I'd recommend Becky’s Pet Care if I knew of anyone who used this kind of service. Larry has been very reliable and interested in Bill and Chloe, which is a nice bonus.”

    Eileen B. , Alexandria
  • “You are a VERY professionally run business . . . well thought out and nicely staffed. We have only had to use Becky's one time so far, but would definitely use again when the need arises. You were the first company I called. I see no need to look further ...

    Pam G. , Alexandria
  • “I am very pleased with the services that we received from Becky's Pet Care and do not have any additional comments at this time. Thank you!”

    Michelle P. , Falls Church
  • “I really feel confident that the care my dog receives is excellent and I know she loves the walkers assigned. Thanks.”

    Patricia H. , Fairfax
  • “Your organization provides truly superior service. Thank you.”

    Myles S. , Springfield
  • “The 30 minute kitty express was awesome! I can't believe the great service you offer!”

    Darren L. , Fairfax
  • “I was very impressed with your services.”

    Nadine K. , Fairfax
  • "Thanks for the great care our pets received! We again are satisfied customers who will recommend your service."

    Ray L. , Burke
  • "You guys are absolutely hands-down the best!!! Thank you so much!! I have to tell you, Shauna and Barbara are the tops. I have never felt so confident about leaving one of my 'babies' in my life. I only wish other companies understood the term 'customer service' as well as ...

    Mardie A. , Springfield