Our offices are closed on Memorial Day!!!!
All pet sits will be conducted as scheduled, monthly contracted walks are not scheduled for Monday, May 29 unless we hear from you to schedule a visit for your pet that day.
Susan G

Susan G.

Pet Care Professional | 5 Years of Service

Susan G. has been a member of the BPC team since August 2011. She is a midday dog walker in the Burke area. Susan grew up with an assortment of animals and has always lived with pets (except for when she attended college). “When I was born, my parents already had 3 cats at the time, so I was pretty much treated like a 4th cat by them. I also had an Appaloosa horse when I was a teenager, and I used to Western Show with him. My family had a total of 3 dogs and 9 cats as I was growing up. The oldest was an outdoor cat that lived to be 19 years old!” Susan chose to work for Becky’s because “I was tired of working a full time job in an office, I wanted a part time job where I could be outside and work with animals.” Currently she has three cats, named William the Conqueror, Cash (short for Johnny Cash), and Arthur. “They are great companions, and I don’t know how I’d get through my husband’s deployments without my furry companions (or as he calls them, the ‘fridiots,’ which is short for ‘furry idiots’).”