Karoline Fritz

Trainer and Customer Care Specialist | 1 Year of Service

Karoline Fritz joined the Becky’s Pet Care team in July 2016 with much fanfare! Her artful way with words, quirky expressions and quick wit are well-loved throughout the office.  Karoline is the in-house new hire trainer for all on-boarding Pet Care Professionals.  Her ability to engage and educate a room full of new hires is unmatched.  She originally hails from a tiny Victorian mining town, Idaho Springs, CO.  In true Karoline fashion, she leads a well-lived double life.  By day she loves working with pets and colleagues who all adore their furry family as much as the rest of us, by night she spins tales in her other career as a published writer.  She and her husband love to travel internationally, locally, and we’re huge fans of science fiction. They have 2 pets.  Charlie, their beloved Maine Coon cat; who in spite of her heart condition and daily dose of Atenolol is still as cheerful and sweet as ever at 15 years old.  They also love their charismatic blue Betta fish, Felicity.