David Rolls

Pack Leader | 3 Years of Service

Dave has been a member of the BPC team since December 2014. He is a huge sports fan! Being from Ann Arbor, Michigan originally, he loves the University of Michigan Wolverines and all of the Detroit teams. Yes, even the Lions. When I’m not at work I am normally consuming some sort of sports media or event. He is also a pretty serious poker player who goes to Vegas twice a summer to play in the World Series. He wanted to work for Becky’s because he loves animals and he feel that this job gives me a chance to offer an important service to the community. He worked in Healthcare in a medical lab for 10 years and while he doesn’t regret leaving that job, he did miss the feeling of helping others out. David has loved animals for as long as he can remember. He’s had at least one pet since he was 5 years old, so animals have always been an important part of his family. Without a doubt his favorite part of this job is getting to know many different animals. Each pet has their own personality and he loves getting to know them. Also, they are always happy to see him, which is a drastic difference from healthcare. Currently he have two cats, Schroeder and Emma Franklin.