Spring has Sprung!


Spring is here and we are ready for spring cleaning! Here are some Springtime hazards that we need to be aware of for our pets.

  • Easter Lilies, Easter decorations and chocolate: Chocolate is toxic for cats and dogs. Easter lilies can be fatal if ingested. Don’t forget the plastic grass kittens love to nibble and play with. It can lead to an obstruction in the digestive tract.
  • Open those windows up on these beautiful days, but be sure the screen is on tight.
  • Buckle up those pets when you are out driving around with the windows down. It’s so cute to see dogs with their head out the windows but a quick and abrupt stop can cause major injury to our pets.
  • Spring Cleaning: Be sure to keep chemicals and cleaners out of your pets’ way. Almost all cleaning products are harmful to pets.
  • Grow your garden: Fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides keep our plants and lawns healthy and green, but their ingredients aren’t meant for four-legged consumption and can be fatal if your pet ingests them!
  • Warmer weather means more outdoor time. Be sure your pet does not wander off. Make sure he has a tag and collar on with proper identification.

Happy Spring!!!

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