Something’s Fishy in Philly!

It’s in the News Thursday!

In Philadelphia, Mark Acadia, the owner of a pet store called Pets Plus was expecting a shipment of tropical saltwater fish. Instead, he got a dead guy.

After some investigation, it was discovered that the body was that of a 65 year old Postal Worker john Kenoyer from San Diego who had passed away from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Turns out the body was supposed to be shipped to nearby Allentown, PA for medical research.

US Airways released a statement that “there was a miscommunication between a delivery driver and a cargo representative” (gee, ya think so?) The airline has stated that they are deeply sorry.

Mark Acadia believes the mix-up resulted in the death of the $1000.oo worth of fish he was to receive.

John Kenoyer’s widow Mary Kenoyer stated that he husband was a practical joker who hated to fly and she believes this was his last prank and that he is in Heaven laughing right now.

To see the video (yup, that’s right, there’s a video) go here

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