Sniffing Out Allergies

It’s Health and Wellness Wednesday!

During a trip to the supermarket, 8 year old Riley, a girl with severe peanut allergies, was accidentally exposed to peanut residue. Within minutes she could not breathe and her condition became life threatening.

Due to the severity of her allergies, Riley is very limited in where she can go. She is currently being homeschooled due to her condition.

But her world is about to be opened up by a furry friend named Rocco.

Rocco, a Portugese Water Dog, is trained to detect the scent of peanuts. Trained in much the same manner as the dogs who sniff luggage for fruit at the airports and those who sniff for explosives, Rocco can ensure that an area is peanut free and therefore safe for Riley to enter.

Check out the video of Riley and Rocco here

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