Simple Green Pet Tips

Dr. Serge Martinod, a veterinarian founder of Arcanatura natural pet products,gives us some Simple Green Pet Tips:

1. Go Au-Natural…avoid all common pet and house products with long lists of chemical ingredients (especially pet shampoos and harsh chemical house cleaners or air sprays.). Living at ground level, your pet’s small lungs are ultra-sensitive to allergens and chemicals. Click here to see a list of bad shampoo ingredients, like sodium Lauryl sulfate, and beneficial shampoo ingredients like castile soap (coco and olive oil) and vitamins A, C and E.

2. Detox…feed your dog right with organic, natural meals including probiotic foods and liver-detoxifying plant extracts. For an easy dinner, chop together organic chicken or turkey, brown rice, steamed carrots and peas for a delicious, healthy canine meal.

3. Exercise…Daily exercise is proven to reduce pet stress levels as well as stress-triggered allergens.  Try bringing your dog on a hike or to a sandy beach. Pet agility training classes are also available at many pet boarding centers to get your pet’s brain and blood pumping.

4. More natural…include fresh, organic carrots and other vegetables as well as  algal Omega-3 DHA supplement in your dog food.  Also, use recycled shopping or other recyclable bags to pick up dog waste instead of purchasing pricey, non-sustainable ones.

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