Sadie the Scottie!


With over 2500 competitors and 173 breeds at the Westminster show, this year Sadie the Scottie wins it. It’s her biggest win yet!  She’s the first Triple Crown winner, having won the National Dog Show in November and the American Kennel Club Show a month later. Will a win at Crufts – the world’s largest dog show held in Birmingham, England be next?

Sadie is a 4 year old Scottish Terrier who was named along with her littermates after famous cars. Her AKC name is “Mercedes of Maryscot”. Sadie loves hot dogs made from organic chicken. Sadie goes for long morning walks and in the afternoon she gets on her very own treadmill and does her “conditioning”. She lives in a home with three children, plays in the backyard and sleeps in bed with her family members.  Her best friend is a Chihuahua named Tad. Life is good for Sadie!

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(Photo couretsy of AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)


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