Running With Fido

Are you trying to find ways to get in shape for summer? Does your furry friend need to lose a few pounds as well? Well, now is the time to get moving so you can see results for summer!

It’s always more fun to exercise with friends, with your best friend and with that being said, I mean your furry best friend. Exercising with your pet has so many advantages . Not only can you spend some quality time together, you can feel good, get more energy  and shed those extra pounds. Have you ever run in a 5K? Well now is the time to give it a try. What better way to try it with your best friend beside you panting you on! There are so many 5K events in the Spring and it’s a great way to get out, meet friends and feel great. Spring is in the air so get some spring in your step!

Where do you start with your training? Start slow. The first thing your pet must know is to stay by your side and not pull on the leash. This may take some time and practice. Every time your dog pulls on the leash, stop.  There should be some slack in the leash. Walk and practice this every day. Slowly begin to pick up the pace. Begin to jog with your dog and see if he can keep up! Exercise with your dog will not only improve your health it will improve  your dog’s as well.



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