Rescue Monday….


The dog pictured above is one of the approximately 40 dogs and 20 cats who were living in a hoarding situation in central North Carolina. What started as a safe-house for abandoned animals turned into a filthy, flea-infested holding area where animals were drinking green water, didn’t have proper medical care, and were in desperate need of help.

A plea went out to rescue groups to see if we could offer assistance. Friends of Homeless Animals (Friends), Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART), and A Forever Home Rescue Foundation (AFH) were ready and willing to step in before the situation got any worse.

On June 11, 2010, Ren from Friends and Nancy from HART left Virginia at 6:00am and headed for North Carolina with a van full of crates, not knowing quite what to expect. When they arrived, what they saw was the type of thing you would see on Animal Precinct. There were fleas jumping everywhere, the living areas and water were filthy, and some of the dogs had open wounds on their ears from fly bites. A pet rabbit on the property was in especially poor condition.

Despite the volunteers’ best efforts to persuade her, the woman who was caring for the animals was unwilling to part with most of them. Fortunately, they were able to leave with 15 lucky dogs and 3 cats.

A crowd of volunteers anxiously awaited the furry newcomers outside Greenbriar Petco in Chantilly, VA. The animals would need to be taken out for a potty break, given water, and transported to the three rescue groups.

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