Portable Water Bottle for Dogs on the Go

Ideal for all walks, hikes, travel, bike, vacations, camping and events! Just fill the Handi-Drink water bottle with fresh water. When your dog needs a good drink or a quick gulp, just snap the bottle into the water dish, squeeze the water bottle, and let your dog lap up the fresh running stream of water. Instant hand-held convenience. No hassles, spills, or wasted water.

Patented Handi-Drink combines a durable custom dog sport water bottle and a unique wrap-around water pan into one compact, convenient unit. Dogs and dog owners love Handi-Drink! Convenient hand-held use affords a natural, comfortable stand-up drinking height for both you and your dogs. Puts an end to stooping, bending over, or struggling with separate bottles, bowls or cups on the ground.

The unique Sport Belt Clip won’t ride up or slip off.

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