Pet Gift Ideas from Oprah’s Vet

What is Oprah buying her dogs for Chrismas this year? We don’t know but her Vet tell us some of the toys he reccommends.

Dr. Rubin recommends making sure that your pet has the best quality food out there. “The full line of dry and canned recipes for dogs and cats are inspired by the simple, pure and natural foods that we enjoy choosing for ourselves. With Wellness snacks, like Wellness WellBites®, WellBars® and Pure Rewards® for dogs or Wellness Pure Delights® for cats, your pet can indulge in a nutritious treat, like we all do at the holidays, and you won’t have to worry.”

        Cat Toys…

Your furry feline friends are certain to love simple toys they can bat around with their paws. Little balls with feathers or catnip inside are great exercise toys. A laser light you can shine on the wall and have your cat chase is a favorite of Dr. Rubin’s. Cats are sometimes just as happy with ping pong balls to bat around, paper bags to run in and out of, and cardboard boxes to hide in – they’ll be sure to have fun romping in and out of all those holiday boxes and bags under the tree! Just be sure to keep the tinsel and ribbons away from those curious kitties. In addition, scratching posts, kitty condos, and window perches are great ways to fight boredom and keep your cat active.

Dog Toys…

For those canine companions on your list, remember that dogs need to chew and they love to fetch. Puzzle toys that hold treats or a measured amount of your dog’s daily food ration are a great way to keep Fido chewing and busy for a long time, especially when there’s holiday company at your house. This year Dr. Rubin is giving motion-activated treat-dispensing toys and balls to the deserving dogs on his list.


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