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Becky J. O’Neil, President & Founder

Becky’s love of animals originated in her childhood, spent on a farm in Pennsylvania where she helped raise and care for many animals including livestock, family pets, and horses. In 1998, Becky founded Becky’s Pet Care, Inc. as a one-woman enterprise, which she nurtured to its current status as a leading pet care provider in Northern Virginia.

In addition to running her very active business, Becky enthusiastically supports various local and national animal rescue groups and participates in several local community organizations. She serves on the board of the Community Business Partnership in Alexandria, is President of her local PTA in Arlington, and as President of the Northern Virginia Professional Pet Sitters Network, where she also fulfilled past terms as Vice President and Treasurer.

Becky currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with her son, her daughter, and her black Labs, Teddy Bear and Rylee.
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Administration Staff

Angela Hazuda Meyers, Chief Operations Officer

Angela has been working with Becky’s Pet Care since January 2010. Having been a life-long pet owner (including a bird, bunny, cat and many dogs) she enjoys working with Becky’s Pet Care even though she doesn’t get to spend her days playing with the pets. Her role is to make sure Becky’s grows in a successful, sustainable way while providing our existing clients with consistently outstanding service. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband, 3 children and their adopted lovable mutt, Maggie Mae Meyers.

Johna G., In-House Trainer

Johna has been a member of the BPC team since August 2009 and is currently the Office Manager. She has worked with Becky’s Pet Care for more than 4 years in several positions. Johna is a certified Pet Tech Instructor and teaches Pet First Aid & CPR.
She grew up on a farm and has always had animals in her life. She brings a lot of work experience and is happy to combine those skills with her love of animal. Currently she is pet parent to “Madame Curie-ousity”, a 5 year old Calico, who they adopted from a shelter after her owner was deployed. She is a very intelligent, obedient and very social.

Brenda R., Business Manager

Brenda has been a member of the BPC team since July 2012. Having spent over 20 years in the bookkeeping/accounting field, Brenda brings a wealth of experience in helping small businesses. Brenda has been an avid pet owner her entire life, from dogs to cats and even birds, Brenda is definitely an animal lover. Quick to take in a stray, feed it, take it to the vet and find it a home, Brenda adores her four legged family.

Barton Gates, Data Base & Technology Manager

Barton has been a member of the BPC team since February 2008. He started working as a pet sitter. Barton grew up with dogs including an English Lab.

Beth Monroney, Assistant Operations Manager

Beth has been a member of the BPC team since February 2011. She works in the office as a Customer Care Specialist and also does pet sitting. While growing up in Texas, Beth had a lot of dogs and cats around the house. “My favorite pet story is when we had a horrible rain storm and our kittens—they were about 4 weeks old—were outside with their mom. The rain was coming down so hard; they were being swept away down our driveway. My dad went outside, got soaking wet because he didn’t have time to put a rain coat on, brought the kittens (and their mom) in the house and we dried them with the blow dryer. I thought my dad was a hero.” Beth currently lives with a guinea pig named Buddy. “When we first got Buddy, he didn’t live in the best conditions – now he lives in the Taj Mahal. He is the first thing I see in the morning and the last I see at night. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him.”

Patrice Lindell, Customer Care Specialist

Patrice has been a member of the BPC team since October 2008. She works in the office as an alternating weekend manager. She also does midday dog walks and occasional pet sitting. Patrice has lived in the Northern Virginia area most of her life. She grew up with dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and fish and rescued wild life. If an animal was hurt it somehow found its way to her family’s doorstep. “I feel so badly about that fact that my brother was allergic to cats… we ALWAYS had cats, I just never knew.” Proof that a little human suffering pales compared to the love of a good animal. “I lost my 2nd Papillion shortly before beginning work with Becky’s. I enjoy being pet free but there is also a void. I have come to feel that my charges are my Grandchildren which fill that void nicely.”

Amanda Devers, Assistant Marketing Manager

Amanda has been a member of the BPC team since May 2012. Amanda is a proud, born and raised Virginian, with only a brief period in the windy city of Chicago. She is a recipient of the coveted “ACT” award at BPC. She is an animal lover, and knows a good deal about a lot of pets. Pets are her passion. Over the years Amanda has shared her home with Sugar Gliders, Iguanas, Cockatiels, Finches, and Hermit Crabs, just to name a few. Currently her family has a ditsy, lovable 3 year old Border Aussie/Sheppard, named Gypsy, who loves to travel. She also has a 5 year old anti-social house cat named Willow. The family shares a 110 gallon tank of beautiful Discus fishes, and there is a Koi pond in her back yard. Amanda originally came to work at Becky’s because she was looking for a job that wouldn’t have her stuck behind a computer all day. Now that she works full time in the office she feels she gets the best of both worlds.

Karen Blevins, Office Administrator

Karen has been a member of the BPC team since June 2012.

Sarah Ashley, District Administrator

Sarah has been a member of the BPC team since April 2011. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, she has over five years of experience working with animals as a vet tech, assistant manager to a kennel, and even as a groomer for dogs and cats—she has also owned many different animals such as hermit crabs, geckos, mice, and hamsters. Sarah chose to work for Becky’s because “[being] a pet care professional gives me the best of both worlds.” Sarah currently owns a pit bull named Jade. “When I got her, my daughter was only 1.5 and she pulled on [Jade’s] tail and her ears and tried to ride her and [Jade didn’t care]—all she wants to do is love on you and kiss you.”

Kathleen Praybylski, HR Administrator

Kathleen has been a member of the BPC team since September 2014 as the Human Resources Administrator. She grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and has been around furry friends most of her life. Kathy has two feline children, Bailey and Lexi. Both cats were adopted from the Alexandria Shelter as adults five years ago. Bailey and Lexi were both at the shelter for six months and needed a home. Bailey came home with her that day. Lexi was depressed when Kathy first met her and went to visit her every day after work for a week. After the third day, Lexi began to purr and rub against her cage. After the fifth day, she came to live in her forever home. Kathy lives in Del Ray, Alexandria with her partner Karen and their beloved Lexi and Bailey.

Sherry Thomas, Customer Care Specialist

Sherry has been a member of the BPC team since October 2014. Her love for animals came when she started working for Becky’s, and met Teddy and Rylee, our office pets. She likes working at Becky’s Pet Care, because the staff are very friendly, and still makes her feel welcomed every day she comes to work. She is a people person and her job is to help people in customer care. She enjoys doing what she does at Becky’s.

Susan W. District Administrator

Susan has been a member of the BPC team since August 2009.

Molly Thompsen, New Client Care Specialist

Molly has been a member of the BPC team since March 2014. Growing up, Molly was an equestrian and competed in show jumping with her horses Misty and Bruce. Now, with two dogs and three cats, Molly has a full house and lots of experience with pet care. She enjoys taking long walks with her Cockapoo, Teddy, and Pomeranian, Cody, who help her prepare for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer every year. She is also an active foster for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

Molly is a super senior at George Mason University, studying Pre-Med biology with minors in business and Earth Science. An animal lover and conservationist, she became scuba certified to study coral reef ecology in the Bahamas. This life-changing experience allowed her the opportunity to get close to many of her favorite sea creatures( turtles, sting rays, sharks). A long distance swimmer and coach, Molly holds a significant place in the swim community and loves being active and interacting with people of all ages.

Francis Fajfar, Pack Leader

Francis has been a member of the BPC team since December 2014. Francis grew up in Washington, DC and in Bethesda, MD. He has been in pet care for the past 20 years. He loves the one on one contact with pets and the unconditional love they show. He has had a lot of pets growing up. Now he has a 14 year old Beagle Lab mix called Angel, A 13 year old Tabby named Boo Boo and a 15 year old tabby named Menchel.

Jasmine West, Pack Leader

Jasmine has been a member of the BPC team since December 2013. She grew up in Virginia. She loves her job, and likes animals better than people. Taking care of pets makes her feel happy at the end of the day. Currently she has Fatty, Fluffy and Sweet her Pomeranian’s.


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