Valentine’s Day

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Our pets are our best friends, why not shower them with some love on Valentine’s Day! Here are some great ideas that will leave your four-legged friend feeling special!

  • Pet Spa
  • Make him a special treat
  • New cozy warm bed for those cold evenings
  • New dog toy
  • New Collar or new tag
  • Go for a long walk

But remember, never, ever give your dog chocolate. It’s a great Valentine’s Day treat for pet parents only. Chocolate is toxic for pets and can make your dog extremely sick. If your Valentine’s Day pooch has gotten his paws on some of your Valentine’s Day chocolate, make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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A wonderful story from our friends at AWLA:

Matty, a 4-year-old chocolate Labrador Retreiver mix, is now our longest canine resident at the AWLA. mattyMatty came to us in August of last year, when we received several dogs through the The Humane Society of the United States, from a severe hoarding case in Mississippi.

Matty came to us extremely fearful and under-socialized. As some of you may remember, the dogs from this hoarding case had spent their entire lives living outside, with minimal human contact. He would panic when he felt a leash around his neck, and was terrified of any human interaction.

Jennie Lane, our Behavior Coordinator, started working with Matty to build up his confidence and show him that people had so many good things to offer. She spent three days rewarding him for choosing to put his head through a slip lead. After that, Jennie spent several days getting Matty accustomed to the pressure of being walked on a real leash. As Jennie and Matty got to know each other, they spent the next few months exploring the shelter, first outside, and then inside. Once he trusted Jennie enough to venture inside with her, we had Matty neutered and started him on a low-dose of anxiety medication, and she started introducing him to new friends here at the shelter. Since then he has been improving by leaps and bounds; he even had enough confidence to have his photograph taken yesterday! Matty has passed his final behavior evaluation and will be going up for adoption very soon!

For more information on the Mississippi hoarding case, check out this article from HSUS:…/hsus-rescuer-recalls-hoardin…

If you are interested in adopting Matty, please call us at 703.746.4774.


Happy Friday

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Food Dispensing Dog Toys

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For most dogs, getting a treat inside a special toy is so exciting. But it’s very important to be sure that your dogs food-dispensing toy is very durable.  dog-431545__180Look for one that can withstand your dog’s repeated punishment, and if the rough play becomes so intense that your dog is at risk of injury, take the toy away. Your dog should be able to enjoy and have fun with this toy however be aware that this little exercise should not replace the daily exercise your dog needs.



Playing with Pets

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Play is important for pets not just because it provides exercise and mental stimulation, but also because it strengthens the relationship between animal and owner. Your dogs want you to throw the ball because they have fun chasing it, but it’s just as satisfying for them to bring the ball back to you and share the fun. Your cats could bat their toy mouse around the floor by themselves, but they bring the toy to your feet because they want to share the game with you. Kittens and puppies instinctively learn from playing with their littermates and mothers. When you play with your pets, you fill those roles.


Happy Friday

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Don’t overfeed your dog during the winter. Although dogs are in need of an extra layer during the winter season…make sure it comes from a coat, and dog-580466__180not a fat layer. Cold temperatures often bring on lazy behaviors and actually the need for LESS calories. Be attentive to your dog’s activity level and adjust his calories accordingly. Always feed your dog a high quality natural dog food to insure a healthy coat and good energy for the cold winter months.


Architects for Animals

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January 14 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The American Institute of Architects
1735 New York Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20006

January 14 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Tickets: $25.00
Includes complimentary bites and sips

Architects for Animals is a fundraising and awareness initiative where participating architectural design firms will build and donate outdoor winter shelters to WHS to provide DC’s homeless cats with refuge from the freezing temperatures.

In addition to the professional cat shelters that will be on display, we have an opportunity for YOU to create even more shelter’s for DC’s community cats. We will be collecting cat shelter supplies at the event and all needed supplies can be found on the event webpage.

Find all event information and purchase tickets on the event



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Hi! My name is MISSY, and I urgently need a home – ideally a forever adoptive home, but a foster home would be okay too. I am a lap cat, pretty low-key, and prefer to be an only feline. I had a rough time for a while, when my first human family moved away and left me as a mother of three to fend for myself – but am so grateful that first a neighbor and then SPCA NoVA took care of me. Now that my babies have been weaned and are getting adopted, I am looking for a little place of my own in the sun. Would you like to know more about me?


Warm Boots

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It’s Friday….a feel-good kinda day!