Take Your Dog To Work Day

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Are you working like a dog and need your furry friend to help you out? Well, today is your lucky day.

Today marks the 17th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day! 

We want to see photos of the dogs that are bringing  joy to your workplaces!

Post them to our Facebook page! Click HERE 

Take Your Dog To Work Day


Take Your Dog To Work Week!

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Don’t forget  Take Your Dog To Work Day® is Friday June 26!


Summer Pet Care

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Summer is here and that means we will spend more time outdoors with our furry friends and family. Summer can also pose some additional health risks for our pets! golden retrieverFleas, ticks and heat exhaustion can become problematic for your pets. Be sure to be know these summer pet care tips to keep your pet healthy:

Protect Against Fleas

Fleas and ticks are both common in summer. Make sure your pet is always current on his or her monthly dose of flea, tick and heartworm preventatives and check to make sure he or she is up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Protect Against Ticks

Ticks are  known for feasting on animals, and for spreading Lyme disease and other infectious illnesses. Your pet can be bitten by a tick any time he is in the yard, especially in wooded areas.

Keep Your Pet Cool

Make sure your pet stays  hydrated. Make sure they are drinking water, try setting out a kiddie pool or sprinkler for them to splash in if you are going to be outside. Provide them with plenty of shade.


“Take Your Dog To Work Day”

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Take Your Dog to Work Day®
On Friday, June 26, 2015, companies in Arlington, VA will celebrate Pet Sitters International’s 9th Annual Take Your Dog To Work Day®. Take your Dog to Work DayPSI created this doggie day to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to encourage adoptions from local shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups. This day falls on a Friday because it is meant to be leisurely and relaxed; when people in the workplace witness the loving bond between co-workers and their pets, they might consider giving orphaned pets a good home. TYDTW Day also encourages businesses to experience the joy of pets in the workplace and the great companions dogs make.
Heidi Anderson-Rhodes, senior director of facility management solutions at UGL Unicco in Arlington, VA, organized her office’s 2010 event. “Treats, toys, water bowls were shared by all,” Rhodes said. “It created one of the best dog days of summer! The event was a great success and we hope that this is the start of a wonderful annual work tradition!”

Studies show that having a dog at work can create a more relaxed and productive work environment. Animals in the workplace boost employee morale, productivity, and even sales. People can’t help but relax and smile when they pet a dog!

Here are some tips for prepping your office for your pooch:

- Offer to gate off a small area where your dog can go if he needs to be restrained for any reason (having your own office comes in handy here).
- Your dog should be well-trained, socialized, clean and comfortable around strangers.
- Be sure to bring pet essentials from home such as:
a. A water and food bowl
b. A favorite bed or blanket to make him feel safe and rest on
c. Some “quiet” toys to occupy him and keep him from barking
d. Some treats—try not to bring treats that are messy or could stain carpet
e. Plastic baggies to pick up waste
f. A leash for walks—take your dog for a walk every few hours and clean up afterward, just like your pet sitting services
- Try to keep your dog away from anyone who has allergies, or a fear/dislike of dogs. Remember and understand that some people are not “dog people” and be sure to give them space if needed.
- Most importantly, enjoy the day! Take a break from your pet sitting services and have fun showing off your special pal while bonding.

Whether you are planning to take your dog to work on June 26th or know a co-worker who is, take this time to consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter or rescue league—there are several great rescues in Arlington, VA.

So cancel your pet sitting services for at least on this day and Take Your Dog to Work!


Adopt-a-Cat Month

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Adopt-a-Cat Month

June is the busiest month for cats and kittens to arrive at animal shelters around the country. The AmericanHumane Association and other animal Adopt a Cat Month
rescue associations and shelters sponsor Adopt-a-Cat Month to help bring attention to the need for more adoptive families.
These organizations urge you to celebrate adopt-a-cat month by visiting your local animal shelter. Dozens of loving cats and kittens are waiting there to be adopted by families who will be their forever friends. If you are considering adopting a new feline member into your family, take time to think carefully about what will be required. If you have never owned a cat before, research information about cat care in books or on the internet. Ask questions of friends, of your vet, and of shelter workers.
If you decide that cat ownership is right for you, consider the following hints to help you find the right match for your family:
Fur Length: Decide if you want a short-, medium-, or long-haired cat. Remember that the longer the fur, the more often you need to brush your cat to prevent painful matting and tangling.
Age: Would your family prefer a mature cat who is occasionally playful? Or a kitten who is in constant motion(whenever it is not napping!)? Remember that mature cats are usually more patient with young children.
Personality: In addition to different levels of playfulness based on age, different cats and kittens have different innate personalities. A shy cat will do better in a quiet household, while other cats enjoy being handled and
enjoy being entertained by the chaos of a more active family.
Whatever type of cat you choose bring home, enjoy the adventure of being adopted by one of the lovable cats who have been waiting for a family of their very own!
Adapted from a press release from www.americanhumane.org



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Hello friends! My name is Scuda, and I came to King Street Cats because my person developed severe allergies. I really loved having my own human and I want to find one again as soon as possible!

I am a plush, soft Tortoiseshell girl with a round face and big round bright green eyes. When my new friends at King Street Cats first met me, they said ”Wow!” I’m a modest girl but I have to admit that it really makes me purr to know that humans find me so lovely to look at!

I can be a little bit shy at first – I’ve had to learn to trust again, you know. I’ve been living in a wonderful King Street Cats foster home where I have made immense strides in this area! Although I thought myself to be a “one and only” kind of cat, since I’ve been living with my foster mom’s other felines, I’ve learned that I do indeed get along with other cats. Therefore, I’d be equally as happy to be adopted into a forever home with cats as I would into one without cats where I’d be your one and only. I can also get along with a nice cat-friendly dog as long as that dog is well-behaved with felines and doesn’t want to bother me too much.

Once I realize how nice you are, I come around quickly and our friendship will take off from there with the sky as the limit. I love to talk to my purrson, as my foster mom can attest! I would like to offer you my commentary on many different topics including but not limited to the warmth of sunbeams, the softness of pillows and the wonder and beauty of having my own forever home. I also like to sleep with my purrson, so I hope you’ll enjoying having a soft, purring presence to keep you company through the night. Given how I love to chat, I promise to tell you bedtime stories, tortie style!

I was born at the end of summer 2007, so I am seven (7) years old as of this posting in April 2015. That’s a very nice age for a loyal companion who wants to enjoy your company!

It’s very easy to arrange to meet me in my foster home! I’ve done so well here and I am eager to share my love with you.

Let’s get started: please send an email to contact@kingstreetcats.org and ask for me, Scuda. Thank you so much.

Tortifully yours,


Heat Stroke in Dogs

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Heat Stroke in Dogs

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Summertime in Northern Virginia is when everyone enjoys playing, relaxing, and entertaining outside, especially with our pets. However, there are certain safety issues that must be considered when our pets are outside and the temperature reaches for the triple digits. Heatstroke can occur during the hot summer months, so it is very important to keep your dog cool. If you have a dog walker, be sure she has an emergency plan and is certified in first aid.  Also, ask your dog walker to walk your pet where there is plenty of shade and grass; it only takes a couple of minutes for a dog to overheat.

Your dog’s normal body temperature ranges between 100 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit and when his body temperature elevates above 106 F, his normal cooling mechanisms become overwhelmed, which can result in a serious condition that may require medical attention. Furthermore, high temperatures can lead to dehydration and blood thickening, which puts strain on the heart. Certain breeds of dogs are more prone to heat related problems than others. Large breeds like the Chow Chow are very susceptible to overheating. Malamutes, Huskies, American Eskimos, and Newfoundlands, all dogs that prefer colder climates, often have little tolerance for heat and humidity and should not be kept in very hot climates. Bulldogs, Pugs, Shar-Peis, and Boston Terriers or any breeds with shorter muzzles have difficulty coping with heat because of their short and narrow respiratory systems.

Symptoms of a canine heat stroke include:

  • Bright red tongue
  • Diarrhea
  • Rapid and frantic panting
  • Staggering
  • Thick saliva
  • Vomiting
  • Wide eyes
  • Coma

Here are some tips for you and your dog walker to help prevent your dog from getting a heat stroke:

  • Keep the dog in a shaded, cool, and well-ventilated area during the hot hours of the day. Dogs can also get sunburn, so be sure to use sunscreen that is approved for dogs and pets.
  • Provide plenty of fresh, cold drinking water throughout the day.
  • Limit the amount of exercise—exercise your dog early in the morning before it gets too hot. Hot pavement can burn the pads on a dog’s feet.
  • A haircut in the summer can help dog breeds with long or double coats to relieve heat stress.
  • Do not leave your dog in a parked car unattended, even if it’s only for a few minutes! The temperature inside the car can rise very quickly (reaching 120 F in as little as 10 minutes), especially if the car is in the sun and there is high humidity. In Northern Virginia, where we have very humid days, it can be very dangerous for a pet to be left in a hot car!
  • Set-up a small wading pool in the shade where your dog can refresh and cool down.
  • If you are going for a walk with your dog or to the park, bring a bottle of cold water with you—they will need it, especially if they run a lot. There are a number of popular dog parks in Northern Virginia!
  • If you are at the beach, be sure to let your dog go for a swim every hour or so to keep him cool.


Keep your pet safe this summer. If you act quickly, you can prevent heat stroke!



National Pet Appreciation Week!

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This week is National Pet Appreciation Week! Think about going for an extra long walk, having a special treat or enjoying and nice longNational Pet Appreciation Week tummy rub! Our pets brighten our days and are always there for us when we need a hug or lick! Enjoy some time together and show your furry friend that life is so enjoyable with them by your side!



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Breed: Redbone Coonhound BlendBuster
Sex: Male
Age: Approx. 5 year(s)
Color: Reddish Brown
Size: Approx. 56 lbs
Good with Kids?: Yes
Good with Cats?: No
Good with Dogs?: No

Buster is a great all-around dog waiting for the right family to call his very own.  He would prefer to be your one and only so no cats or other dogs in the home for Buster.  He is not interested in meeting other dogs at our adoption events while leashed.  He’s strong on a leash, so he could use some training, but he’s quite food motivated so we believe he’ll be easy to train. He’s handsome, sweet, and loves meeting new people too! Click HERE for more information.


Celebrate Fairfax!

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 Celebrate Fairfax! is this weekend June 3rd- 5th. This is a great festival that happens annually and is a great time for the whole family! This community-wide celebration will feature live entertainment including a variety of music, carnival rides, children’s activities, a community market place, and nightly fireworks! Additional attractions include Greenology, Fairfax County Karaoke Championship, the popular Silent Disco, a craft beer garden, the Fairfax County DockDogs Competition, The Hub – featuring local wineries, giant lawn games and two stages of entertainment – Emerging Artist Showcase, plus more than 40 carnival rides and attractions, and over 30 food vendors.

Friday, June 3rd: 6PM- midnight

Saturday, June 4th:  10AM – midnight

Sunday, June 5th: 11AM – 7PM 

$15 Adults, ages 13 and older
$5 Children ages 3-12
ages 2 & under Free
$10 Seniors/Military

Fore more information click HERE