New Year’s Eve and Pets

New Year’s Eve should be one of the best times of the year to celebrate, but when you party it up don’t forget your pets.

Pets don’t always understand the excitement of our festivities and can often become scared. From a pet’s point of view, the celebrations can be hectic, loud and filled with strangers, causing stress and behaviors we don’t normally see in our pets. As you celebrate, be sensitive to your pets needs and keep them as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you’re having a party, put your pet in a quiet place with comfort items, toys and even music or the television on to help calm them. Remember a pet’s ears are very sensitive, so firecrackers, poppers, champagne bottles opening, and yelling “Happy New Year” can frighten your pet.

Even if you plan on a quiet New Year’s, neighbors may be celebrating, which could be disturbing to your pet. Reassure your pets with a calming voice or petting. Loud, sudden, foreign noises can cause your pet to panic. When pets panic, many will do whatever it takes to escape the frightening noise or activity. They’ll jump fences, run into the street and may become lost. Make sure your pets have proper identification, a license and a microchip. If you leave your home on New Year’s Eve, be sure your pet is secured in a safe place.

Unfortunately shelters sees an increased number of lost pets on New Year’s Day because pets become frightened and run away from their homes.

New Year’s should be a time of celebration, so remember your best friend and keep them safe.

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