LOVE your Pet on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Treats for Beloved Pets

How can you safely show the furry or feathered members of your family how special they are to you this Valentine’s Day? Here are a few ideas from American Humane Association:

“Whichever treat you choose, remember: No chocolate, no chocolate, no chocolate!”

1. Give them a pet-friendly Valentine’s Day treat. Offer your dog a new chew toy or bone, or give your cat some special catnip. Chocolate can be toxic to pets—especially dogs. Many people stick to this rule throughout the year, but become lax during the holidays. You might be tempted to think, “It’s Valentine’s Day! One piece won’t hurt.” And while, one chocolate treat may not harm your pet at all, it may cause terrible health problems, even death. You don’t want to take that chance!

2. Watch those human Valentine’s Day gifts. This holiday often brings special cards and gifts decorated with ribbons, tinsel, or yarn. Unfortunately, cats appreciate these items, as well. Although cats love to play with string and tinsel, these “toys” can cause serious damage to your cat’s intestines if swallowed. Make sure your special gifts stay out of your cat’s reach!

3. Buy or make something special. Perhaps your dog would like a new bed, or your cat a new scratching post. Birds love mirrors or other fun items for the cage. Get creative!

4. Spend some quality time with your pet. Go for a long walk, plan a special grooming session, or curl up together for a good cuddle. Attention is always appreciated!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by enhancing the bond you share—your pet will love the extra attention!

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