Litter Care Contracts

Your cats deserve the cleanest standard of in-home treatment. Even if you're not always around to scoop their litter boxes, Becky's Pet Care will stop by to make sure your felines have a healthy environment.

Litter boxes can be a messy business. Becky's Pet Care handles all aspects of litter cleanup, from throwing out the old to sweeping around the areas to replacing with fresh litter: and you don't have to leave your boxes outside for us. Our trained Pet Care Professionals have been serving Northern Virginia for over 18 years. We guarantee the highest-quality service whenever you need it. Our Litter Care program is full service. You customize when and how you’d like your service, from scooping to litter replacement, and we never ask you to carry your dirty litter outside. In fact, after you book our service, you won’t have to think about your litter box again.

We can help with the following:

·       Scoop & Refresh litter

·       General cleanup around litter box

·       Litter replacement

·       Litter box sanitation (upon request)


… customize your schedule based on your needs.




Litter Care Rates

Rates per visit


1-3 cats
Up to 3 litterboxes
Minimum of one service per week

Customize Your Service

  • Mix and match service dates. For example: scoop on Tuesdays, replace on Fridays.
  • Sanitize monthly.
  • Add a day when you have an extra-busy week.
  • Just ask—we can handle it.

This service does not include feeding, watering, or other care. Please see our Pet Care or Monthly Contract services to meet care needs.