It’s Fun Friday!

One of our Woodbridge dogs is in a contest, sponsored by a local radio station looking for the “Perfect Pet”.

Ethel Adams was selected from over 600 pets and is now in the top 50!!!! But she needs your help to go all the way. Please go to to vote for ETHEL ADAMS.  Just click the circle below her photo (she is wearing a party hat), then scroll down to complete the required information (the email address is just to verify that each person is only voting once- they will not contact you) and click submit. That’s all there is to it.

On Monday, April 7, 2008, we will find out if Ethel has made it to the top 25! We will keep you posted.

Here is Ethel’s photo and “why she should be PER’s Perfect Pet”.


Why Ethel should be PER’s Perfect Pet:
Ethel is a rescued Beagle who was kept in a cat cage for two years.  She
was unable to stand up and she developed severe arthritis in her neck, but
she managed to maintain a wonderful disposition despite mistreatment and
she has been the IDEAL pet.  She LOVES everybody and she especially loves
food…she is a little senile, but she is the world’s sweetest dog!  There
is not a mean bone in her little old lady body 🙂
Type/Breed: Beagle  Age: 19
Submitted by: Jennifer Adams from Woodbridge


On a sidenote, Ethel and her “little” sister Eve are the BPC pets of the month! Yay Ethel and Eve!

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