International Hedgehog Association

It’s Rescue Monday!

This week we would would like to acknowledge the work of the International Hedgehog Association (the IHA).

“The IHA is a registered charitable non-profit organization established with the purpose of educating the public in the care and betterment of hedgehogs and to facilitate the rescue, welfare, promotion and care of hedgehogs everywhere.” (from

Recently hedgehogs or “hedgies” have been gaining in poularity as pets in the United States, yet there is still a surprising lack of knowledge about them.  This has unfortunately resulted in the loss of or surrender of many hedgehogs. The IHA is working hard to change that with educational programs, studying the diet and nutritional needs of hedgies, and the dissemination of veterinary knowledge. They also assist in providing foster homes and assist in the placement and adoption of homeless hedgies.

Did you know that hedgehogs:

– are primarily nocturnal?

– should be kept in a habitat that is around 75 dgrees farenheit?

– come in various types including the European and the African, each of which has their own special needs?

-require low fat diets?

– can suffer fatal respiratory problems related to the use of cedar bedding?

If  any of these facts were surprising to you, please visit the IHA’s website at or to learn more before considering a hedgehog as a pet.

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