“I Love Lucy”


 I was nine when we walked into a local shelter and saw Lucy. On her kennel was a giant sign that said “Dog of the Day”. This shy chow/retriever mix soon became my dearest friend.

Just two weeks after adopting Lucy, our neighbor’s two rottweilers broke out of their fenced yard and came charging at my two younger brothers as they were playing outside in our backyard. I heard my brothers scream and I heard viscous dog growls. She stood right in front of those dogs, fended them off and got chewed up for it. Lucy saved my brothers lives.No doubt about it. And she saved me in many ways too. Sadly. just this past February, she passed from her fight with cancer, an auto immune disorder and arthritis. She was 17 years old.

There are many great stories of Lucy, she was my best friend. Lucy was truly an inspiration for what I do now. I work as a vet tech and have since adopted two dogs of my own. Also, one rabbit and four Guinna pigs. Now after losing my furry friend, I am able to comfort other animal owners who have lost. This has become a big part of my job and my life. I truly believe humans and dogs are match made in heaven. The bonds we share to so strong and great. So take a trip to a shelter, you may just stumble upon your new companion, who will always be there to make you smile and laugh.

Renton, WA

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