Featuring Hooch from the Fairfax Animal Shelter:

Hooch is a super happy boy who enjoys getting head rubs and kisses and being close to his people. His foster mom says, “Hooch is Hoochas every bit goofy as he looks, and even more intelligent. He eats more than any dog I have ever encountered. Hooch’s favorite time of day is in the evening when I read on the couch. He flops in between me and my book, in “little spoon” position and snoozes away. To say he’s a Velcro dog is an understatement; he’s maybe a little closer to Gorilla Glue.” Hooch has separation anxiety and would do well with someone who is home most of the time, but he can be crated for short periods. Hooch doesn’t appear to have a lot of social experience with other dogs, but he has done well on group walks and seems to feel most comfortable with females. Hooch walks great on the leash. He is currently in foster care. If you’re interested in meeting him, email animalshelter@fairfaxcounty.gov

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