Fall Fun

Fall Pet Fun



There are so many wonderful ways to spend quality time with your four-legged friends this fall. Whether you are out on a walk enjoying the season’s change, bernese-mountain-dog-223781__180playing in the colorful leaves, or just enjoying the crisp outdoor air, it’s always a little more special with your pup at your side. Washington D.C. offers some of the most beautiful views of the slow change from vibrant green foliage to deep burgundy, purple, orange and gold leaves to be enjoyed by you and all the members of your family – including Fido! Washington D.C has several dog friendly trails to enjoy in the fall. Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C is a sprawling 1,754 acres and just north of the National Zoo. You can hike, horseback ride and even stop for a round of tennis. Bring your furry friend and enjoy the fall changes in this beautiful park. You can also check out Fort Dupont Park or the Mount Vernon Trail. For Dupont Park is a National Capital Park in the D.C. area perfect for a stroll, or even a great place to have your dog walker take your pup. The Mount Vernon Trail is a multi-use trail that will have crowd of dog walkers, runners, and cyclists on the path so be sure to exercise caution if your dog shows aggression towards other dogs or people.  The capital Crescent Trail is another dog friendly fall hike location in Washington D.C. It is also one of the 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. Many cyclists use the trail so try and head out with Fido when the cycling traffic is less heavy, such as mid-afternoon weekdays. This is also the perfect time to send a dog walker out to the trail.  If you will be heading outdoors for fall fun make sure that your dog is well trained and responds to your commands even in the case of several distractions. It’s also essential that vaccinations are up to date and that they have a regime for tick prevention in place. Some even take a visit to the groomer before heading out for a heavily wooded walk.  Washington D.C. offers great options for fall fun with your pet. Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful scenes this fall with you family and your pet. Take a hike, go for a run, play in the leaves and stay active. Washington D.C is a beautiful place to walk your dog.

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