Fairfax County Animal Shelter: Miller

Miller has a tragic past. This young dog had an owner who loved him very much. The owner recently passed away, and because of a millercomplicated set of circumstances, Miller was not discovered for almost two weeks. When he was found, he was in okay medical condition, but his emotional state was far worse. He was obviously suffering from a broken heart.

He was transferred to FCAS from the rural community where he came from and as soon as he arrived, we knew we’d have to go the extra mile to help him. We asked our friend and a local dog trainer, Jeff to let Miller come spend a week at his farm, to give MIller some time to heal and also re-learn basic obedience skills.

Miller is doing much better now and we’re looking for an adopter who will commit to continuing his training and who will be patient with him as he learns about his new life. Miller has a few favorite things. The list includes playing with the pony, helping with farm chores, hanging out with the other dogs and greeting visitors with big kisses. He is also pretty obsessed with riding in cars and it’s hard to keep him from jumping in the passenger seat of just about any car.

He’s had no issues with other animals, including cats and he’s going to make a great pet. Miller has lots of energy and loves to be in the middle of everything so we’re hoping to find his copilot.

Want to meet Miller? E-mail us at FCPDPetResources@fairfaxcounty.gov.


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