Exercise Can Be Fun!

When people and dogs do things together it is good news all around. Here are some reasons why to exercise with your pet!

It’s Fun: Dogs love to run and play, so it’s no surprise that exercising together can be fun.  A game of fetch can leave you with smiles on your faces — and it burns calories!

You Can’t Make Excuses:  It’s hard to say no to that adorable face.

The Stats Aren’t Important: Focus on the fun stuff. Seeing your pooch so happy- being with you and being outside is all they need!

It’s Never the Same Workout Twice: Vary your walking routes around your neighborhood. The change of scenery keeps things interesting for both of you so walks don’t get boring.

Fewer Vet Visits: Exercise  improves strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular ability, which ultimately leads to fewer vet visits for him (and doctor’s visits for you).

A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog: A pet who has had enough exercise is better behaved.

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