Dog Days of Summer are HERE


The “Dog Days of Summer” may not always be your dog’s best friend.  Veterinarians warn pet owners in Northern Virginia to be careful in extreme heat.  bernese-mountain-dog-50216_640ASPCA Vice President of Veterinary Outreach, Dr. Lila Miller says:  “Even the healthiest pets can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn if overexposed to the heat and heat stroke can be fatal if not treated promptly.”

Some things your pet needs you to remember:

1.     Never leave pets in cars

2.     Make sure your pet has shade and fresh water to drink

3.     Walking your dog on hot surfaces for too long, such as asphalt, can cause the pet to overheat and even burn paws

4.     Know the warning symptoms if your pet is overheated

To learn more about pet safety in hot weather, contact your veterinarian or visit the ASPCA web site at:

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