Dog Chewing…

Is your dog chewing and destroying things he is not supposed to chew? It is difficult to stop dogs from chewing completely because they are born with a natural instinct to chew. But it is possible to train dogs not to chew on things you don’t want them to chew.

First Step: Chewing helps dogs get rid of excess energy when they are not getting enough exercise. Give the dog something he can chew on. Chewing is healthy for dogs. Puppies need to chew to explore their new world, to discover new smells and textures.

Second Step: Don’t scold your dog for chewing.Unless you catch him in the act he has no idea why you’re punishing him. Your dog won’t chew the item in your presence but will continue to chew it when you’re not around. Punishing your dog will only cause him to fear you. Be sure to doggy-proof your home.

Third Step: Dogs and puppies want to please their owners, so the type of training that they respond well to is praise.

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