Daylight Savings Time

You might think it unlikely that this weekend’s switch from daylight saving time (DST) to standard time could throw your cat or dog’s busy schedule — eat, sleep, eat, sleep — off-kilter. But, as it turns out, some animals are so in tune with their owners’ schedules that falling back or springing forward an hour can cause our furry friends some confusion.

Pets may become confused or anxious, wondering what has become of their owner, who is not bringing breakfast at the usual time. Some pets may become irritable when that food dish is STILL empty and some easily stressed pets may get so upset that their appetite or sleep habits are affected as well.

Ease yourself and your pets into this new routine by adjusting feeding times gradually.  For instance if dinner is usually served at 6PM start serving at 5:15PM for two days followed by two days at 5:30PM then serve two days at 5:45PM and finally at 6PM.  A breakfast feeding at 7 AM can be adjusted by serving two days at 6:15AM then two days at 6:30AM followed by two days at 6:45 AM until you are serving at 7 AM.  A little flexibility for your pets in scheduling mealtimes during this transition will make the change less nerve-racking for your pets and less demanding for you.

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