Dallas & Splash Need a Home in Northern Virginia



These boys are everything you could possibly want when adopting kittens! They are sweet, playful, and very friendly. They don’t have a care in the world – other than to play, eat, sleep and cuddle! They boys are two of Dottie’s seven kittens who are very bonded and need to be adopted as a pair.

SPLASH loves quiet time and play time equally. He greets you every morning when your alarm goes off with purrs of love. Splash loves to sleep under the covers and snuggle all night long. He is a fun-loving, sweet, adorable, charming and cute-as-a-button little guy. He is a little kitten with LOTS of love to give. Once you meet him, you will agree!

DALLAS is the leader…he is very inquisitive and curious. This little boy loves to cuddle and sleep with you. Dallas loves to carry his toys around the house in a very cute fashion. He is also very fascinated by water and loves to play in the bathroom sink and tub! Dallas purrs non-stop when getting attention. He is very affectionate, sweet and playful! He is a little treasure who is sure to steal your heart.

Please be sure to visit their website (http://www.spcanova.org/adoption/catlist.php) for details about adoption policies.