Choosing a Pet Sitter in Northern Virginia


There are times when it is impossible to stay with your pet. Spring Break is right around the corner and many families will be searching for help to keep their furry friends safe and happy while they take this week to travel. During these times, hiring a pet sitter maybe the best option. Why hire a pet sitter and
how can you choose the best one?

There are endless pet sitting options in Alexandria. Of course, you could always call upon the help of a friend or neighbor, but hiring a professional pet sitter has many benefits. First of all, a pet sitter is a professional, qualified individual who is paid to care for your pet. Hiring a pet sitter in Alexandria means that your animal will be cared for in the environment that he knows best,
get to enjoy his regular food and routine and enjoy lots of extra attention while you are away.


A pet sitter also means that your pet does not have to deal with unfamiliar animals and environments. Not only that, but you will never again have to inconvenience friends and neighbors nor worry about last minute care. Pet sitters will also bring in mail, water plants, and tend to other household matters.
The benefits of a pet sitter are many. But how can you choose the best fit? First you will want to ask trusted friends and your vet if they know of any reliable pet sitters. Next, research your options. The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters is a respected organization that will show you where to find a pet sitter in and out of Alexandria. Pet Sitters International is another great resource to finding a
reliable, trusted and professional pet sitter.


You will want to make sure that the organization you choose is licensed, bonded and insured. Ask about what training procedures they require of their pet sitters and what type of background checks are performed. Ask what back up procedures are in place in case your sitter experiences illness or car trouble. Pay close attention to how your pet sitter interacts with your animal when they first meet, and ensure that they take notes. Respectable pet sitting companies will have references available for you. Check them, and check out review websites for the business.


To make working with a pet sitter easier, make sure all your animal’s supplies are conveniently located and that you give detailed care instructions. Book holiday service early. Stay in good communication with your pet sitter and the company. Working with a pet sitter in Alexandria is an easy and convenient way to be at ease about your pet’s care. Use these helpful resources to make the bestchoice for you.