Caution on Peanut Based Treats

It’s Health and Wellness Wednesday!

Peanut Butter based treats could put your pet at risk for Salmonella!

We mentionaed last week that Petsmart did a voluntary recall of their Grreat Choice Dog Biscuits as a precautionary measure. Now other brands are following their lead.

The FDA has listed 12 sources, including grocery stores and brands, which it has identified as having potentially contaminated foods.

“Pet owners should be wary of purchasing peanut butter or peanut paste-based pet products from Avanza Supermarket, Econofoods, Family Fresh Market, Family Thrift Center, Food Bonanza, SunMart Foods, Shoppers Valu, Prairie Market, Wholesale Food Outlet and Ohio-based locations of Pick’n Save.

Mainstream products like Jiffy and Skippy have been cleared, for now, but owners should think twice about the grocery stores’ own brand of product.

Stores have also been pulling Happy Tails’ biscuits from their shelves.”

Salmonella is a contagious infections causing gastro-intestinal symptoms. A pet with a Salmonella infection may appear lethargic, have vomiting, diarrhea and a fever. Healthy animals with strong immune systems may not exhibit severe symptoms, but young puppes, pregnant, and eldely pets are at greater risk. Seemingly healthy animals could however, act as carriers to transmit the disease to weakened pets or humans.

“So far, no animal deaths have been linked to this recent outbreak. At least 495 humans, however, have reportedly contracted salmonella within the past few weeks.

Consumers who have packages of food made with peanut products should check with the manufacturer or consult the FDA recall list, which can be accessed at Anyone who is not sure about a product’s ingredients should withhold the treat from a pet.”


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