Heartbreaking: The Last Dog at the N.Y. Hurricane Shelter Still Howls for His Person


When Hurricane Sandy slammed into their home in Long Beach and submerged it, Bruno, a 7-year-old Rottweiler, and his owner were forced to flee. Bruno ended up with more than 500 other pets at the Nassau County’s emergency pet shelter at Mitchel Field, according to theNew York Daily News.

Now, he’s the last one there. And the shelter is closing next week.

His owner is still around, but he’s been forced to surrender him to the shelter after a series of hardships. He lost his job. He’s been sleeping in his car. He plans to leave New York to find work.

“Many owners have had to take that heartbreaking step of relinquishing ownership,” facility volunteer Beverly Poppell said. “You can tell that Bruno wants a family.”

But Bruno’s owner still visits him, and here’s where the story will tug at your heartstrings. According to Nassau County SPCA spokesman Gary Rogers, Bruno and his owner both cry during the visits.

And when the owner leaves, Bruno howls for a half an hour.

Nassau County SPCA Website

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