Brownie is a furry child with some beagle and maybe even a dachshund in him. Saved from certain death in North Carolina shelter, Brownie arrived to us scared, constantly shivering and completely unsure of who to trust. After a few weeks of peaceful living with other dogs, and even cats, his personality slowly began to emerge: what he is- is a one year old boy, who simply wants a family! To curl up next to you on the couch, to lean on you, to play, to explore together the house, the yard, the street for any treasure you two might have missed the last time. He will gleefully chew on every plush toy you offer him, squeaky insides or not. And when those are not available, maybe even on your shoes. He will be so sorry about it, for he is just a kid, so he still can’t tell the difference between your toys and his. And when he looks into your eyes and asks to sit just a bit closer again, you’ll forgive him for deep down you’ll know that what Brownie is most afraid of is getting abandoned. It’s all he cares about. He’ll faithfully follow you around the house, bravely save you from the jaws of the bathroom, offer to shred your recycling instead of that shredder machine you bought just to be allowed to curl into a small doughnut next to you on the couch. And while he is sleeping, you’ll notice he always leaves a paw or a nose right there to touch you, otherwise, you might get taken away and that’ll leave him all alone again when he wakes up.

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